Staying Sober: A Guide for Relapse Prevention by Terence Gorski, MA and Merlene Miller, MA

Mr. Gorski developed an approach, called Relapse Prevention, to help severe, relapse-prone alcoholics to stay sober.  This program began at a VA Hospital and has grown over the course of several decades to be included in many of the intensive in-patient programs.

The book includes discussion of addictive disease and several of the impediments to a successful recovery, such as “partial recovery” and other mistaken beliefs about recovery and relapse. However, it is the discussion of what relapse actually is and the development of a relapse prevention plan that gives the book a unique place in recovery literature.

I also recommend Terence Gorski’s Staying Sober Workbook (an excellent companion to this book) and his other books, The Players and Their Personalities: Understanding People Who Get Involved in Addictive Relationships and Passages Through Recovery.

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