Days of Wine and Roses

Although there are certainly more recently made movies about the ravages of alcoholism (such as the Lost Week-end and Leaving Las Vegas), this film has some of the most powerful portrayals of alcoholism.  Joe Clay (played by Jack Lemon) is in public relations and has a hard time having fun without alcohol.  He meets and marries Kirsten (played by Lee Remick) and they start a life together that increasingly revolves around alcohol.  Joe “hits bottom” first and joins AA (his sponsor is played by Jack Klugman).  The scenes in the movie between when he decides to get sober and when he succeeds at it are amazingly well done.  Kirsten does not fare as well. This movie is an excellent portrayal of how one person can become ensnared in another’s alcohol use and how “saying no” can be more difficult for some than others.

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