A Beautiful Mind

The movie is filmed in chronological sequence which brings the viewer along as John Nash (played by Russell Crowe), a brilliant mathematician, develops and  battles schizophrenia.  It provides a very clear portrayal of the subjective experience of a man who is becoming/has become delusional and how difficult it is to tell what is real and what is not (even for the viewer!).  For people who are not familiar with the movie or the book, it is an entertaining challenge to identify the first clues of this happening (Ron Howard, the director, doesn’t make this easy).Another outstanding aspect of this film is how Dr. Nash comes to grips with his condition and the visual depiction of his strategies to keep the delusions from controlling him.  Variations of this technique are often used for managing disruptive impulses, thoughts, and distractions.  Ron Howard’s directing and Russell Crowe’s acting provide a clear depiction of how this can be done (along with how difficult it can be to do).

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