Keeping the Love You Find: A Personal Guide by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.

This is a good introduction to Imago-Therapy, an approach to relationships pioneered by Harville Hendrix.

An important tenet of Imago-Therapy is that we are attracted, often sub-consciously, toward qualities in our parents that we find in others.   As a result, childhood wounds and/or parts of ourselves we have disowned may be triggered. This is intensified by a subconscious and deep yearning for those wounds to be healed.

This not easy reading, however, it does succeed well in what it set out to do — which is to help people understand how they are drawn toward people with qualities or behavioral patterns that are so challenging and difficult for them.

There are a number of exercises at the end of each chapter that require a great deal of self-examination.

This book is primarily targeting toward individuals.  Dr. Hendrix wrote a similar book for couples, Getting the Love You Want (A Guide for Couples).

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