Clean and Sober

Daryl Poynter (played by Michael Keaton) is in a lot of trouble – he is a cocaine addict and an alcoholic, and has stolen $90,000 to make a stock market play that went bad.  He also picks up a girl and she overdoses in his bed.  However, his biggest problem is that he doesn’t know he is an addict.  He decided to hide out in a rehab center because of the guarantee of anonymity and confidentiality.  In this way, he gets caught in his own scam — he cannot stay in the program unless he works on himself and if he leaves, he has no place to hide.  The acting in this movie is exceptional and the story plays out to show addiction as a problem that touches many other people — family, friends, c0-workers and business associates.  One of the memorable scenes in the movie is when Daryl arrogantly tries to tell another addict in early recovery what they should do — with very bad consequences.

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