On Golden Pond

This movie is about an elderly couple, Norman (played by Henry Fonda) and Ethel (played by Katherine Hepburn), spending their 48th year at their favorite spot, Golden Pond.  They are joined by their estranged daughter, Chelsea (played by Jane Fonda, who had some well publicized issues with her real-life father, Henry), her fiancé  Bill Sr. (played by Dabney Coleman), and his son, Billy (played by Doug McKeon).  There are a lot of great reasons to watch this movie, but I often recommend it for a scene that takes place on the porch on which Norman and Ethel are sitting.  They are not saying much (if anything) to each other and are not sitting very close either.  However, the feeling of connectedness between them is unmistakeable and unforgettable.  It is wonderful to feel their emotional connection in such a vivid and powerful way with so little apparent effort.

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