The Wizard of Oz

This classic movie begins in a black and white filmed Kansas, just before a severe tornado strikes.  During the storm, Dorothy (played by Judy Garland) is transported to Oz (and the movie changes to color film), where she quickly finds herself stranded and in trouble.  She makes three friends, each believing that they have a serious shortcoming (e.g., “no brains”, “no heart,” and “no courage”) — these are also common beliefs that make people doubt they will be OK after a significant life transition.  Dorothy and her friends visit the Wizard to get what they don’t have.  He seems very powerful and wise and gives them a task to complete before he helps them. When they return, they discover that the Wizard is a fraud and, more importantly, that they had what they needed the whole time.  This profound realization can happen in therapy as it can in ordinary life.

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